Building with Resene Construction Systems

Resene Construction Systems provide the most advanced plaster cladding solutions made in New Zealand. Rockcote Systems and Plaster Systems comply with current building code requirements, are durable and finished in the Resene colour of your choice.

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Need to get a quote/price?

To assist you in selecting a registered Rockcote plasterer, contact us on 0800 50 70 40 we will provide you with a list of registered Rockcote plasterers. The sales team at Rockcote will be able to advise you on who is available and best suited to provide a quote based on your building schedule. Alternatively, you may contact a registered Rockcote plasterer direct.

Your project is then quoted by your selected registered Rockcote plasterer according to Rockcote specifications. When you decide to proceed with their quote, you or your agent need to sign the acceptance section of the quotation and return to your registered Rockcote plasterer for confirmation and scheduling of your project.

Rockcote Systems are the manufacturer and designer of the selected system for installation.

The selected Rockcote system can only be supplied and installed by a registered Rockcote plasterer.

All registered Rockcote plasterers are PPCS (Proprietary Plaster Cladding Standards) registered and carry a photographic identification card.

It is the main contractors responsibility to provide certified scaffolding if, and where required, to ensure the on-site safety of trades.